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  Blogfest 2005  -  Apr 27, 2005  -  Printable Version
- How Many Lesbians Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?
   by Mark Faulk

    A few days ago, Faulking Truth writer Ken Shade posted this quote in his "Quote of the Day" column:

    "We are well aware of the male homosexual problem in this country, which is of course minor, but to our certain knowledge there is not one lesbian in England."
Lord Chamberlain, to Lillian Hellman, during a discussion of "The Children's Hour."

    Then, a couple of days ago, Michael Savage, an obnoxious asshole of a radio talk show host who does a gay bashing, hate mongering show called "The Savage Nation", spent an entire hour talking about how all of Europe is dying out because the girls there don't want to have kids. Why? According to Savage, it's because THEY'RE ALL LESBIANS! (The caps are to mimic Savage's habit of yelling really loudly whenever he has an important point to make, as if somehow volume = credibility. Note to Michael: IT DOESN'T!) That's right, it's because in England, GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!

    Now, here's the good part: Savage says that the reason that girls in Europe are lesbians is because they are afraid of something he calls the "Gay Mafia"..... whoops, sorry, the "GAY MAFIA!" You see, they really want to be straight, have lots of kids, and clean up after some slob of a husband, but apparently they're terrified of this mythical Homosexual Crime Syndicate.    

    And now it's time for our "Politically Incorrect Stereotype of the Week":

    "Ethcuse me, shweetie, do you really want to wake up tomorrow with a horsey head in bed with you? I didn't think so. So if I were you, I'd just sashay my baggy jeans and denim workshirt ass over to the bathouse and see if you can find a girl who likes the construction worker look. And a little eyeliner wouldn't kill you, either, M'kay?"

    So, who do you believe? An old guy who goes by the pretentious anal retentive title of "Lord" (who is probably just making excuses for not getting laid since the last millineum), or a guy who thinks that Europe is being run by a "Gay Mafia"? By the way, I knew a guy who went by the name of "Savage" once, and he was as gay as they cum, right down to his Village People biker outfit. Whips and chains, anyone? YMCA! Plus, Michael Savage's real last name is "Weiner". Enough said.

    I do have a second source to quote, the seventy-one year old English father-in-law of one of our writers, who just posted in the Faulking Truth Guestbook that “Rejecting 99% of the blokes, there are no bloody vagitarians in England".

    So there you have it, not one lesbian in all of England, yet right here in Oklahoma, you can't even throw a rock without hitting one. (Editor's note: The Faulking Truth does not in any way advocate throwing rocks at lesbians, or any other humans, or even any animals, for that matter. Now, if you happen to see Michael Savage sashaying down the street in his biker outfit.....um, never mind.) It's true, though, I once read an article in Rolling Stone Magazine (years ago, before it became "Teen Beat") that listed the cities that had "thriving lesbian communities", and there we were.....San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Oklahoma City.....WHAT THE HELL? How did WE make that list? That explains all those girls who turned me down in the mid-seventies. I KNEW there had to be a rational explanation for that.

    Since this blog entry has no real point anyway, here's another question for you: How can there be NO lesbians in England whatsoever, but yet I once dated a girl who turned lesbian after we broke up? I mean, what are the odds? My theory is that after me, no other man measured up. (Hey, it makes me feel better, and the alternative that I drove her to lesbianism is just too painful for my fragile male ego to take.)

    Let's see, made fun of right wing talk show host (check), did really bad imitation of Gay Mafia guy (check), insulted English royalty (check), dissed old girlfriend (check), called lesbians "vagitarians" (check), dogged Rolling Stone Magazine (check), and made fun of my own masculinity (check, check, and check). Oh wait, I almost forgot the punchline.

Q: How many lesbians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: Four. One to change it, two to organize the potluck and one to write a folk song about the empowering experience.

    Don't blame that one on me, I found it at http://lesbianlife.about.com/ , where you can also learn the difference between a Diesal Dyke and a Bull Dyke, and get how-to tips on your first lesbian sexual experience. (Here's an interesting one: "Smell under her arms.")


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